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Terms and Conditions (GTC)

I´m glad that you have arrived in the Terms of Use!
I hope this also means that you approve of my previous work.

The most important question is usually: "What does it cost?"
I assure you, my prices are quite humane.
1. Pricing

There are basically two types of pricing:
On an hourly rate or a fixed price offer.
2. hourly rate

The statement on an hourly rate, which is fixed in the tender, will be applied in most cases for modification work on existing websites or other existing objects, which were done by myself or by others.
3. Fixed Price

A fixed-price offer is for new projects to be planned and executed in almost all cases, the preferred method of pricing, which is to better assess just for you, as a customer.
4. Planning and agreement

Before it comes to the execution of works, mostly a detailed discussion is necessary. Thereby all needs and ideas of the customers will be recorded by me in a written form and submitted for retest. It is always helpful if you as a customer have concrete ideas, examples, or other websites or graphic designs you like, as example and / or own material, images and texts to contribute. Also, the package of efforts, which is what a web presence or graphics must achieve, will be committed.
5. Cession

Important: The design of all, during this discussion stage left open points you leave to me in the certainty, that I am very concerned about implementing everything in a body of work suitable for you.
6. Binding offer

At this point you will receive from me the offer or the hourly rate in writing, that/which is binding on both parties.
7. Two proposals

After that an initial proposal will be done, which I going to set up as a concept image with a description. These documents are to make a first impression of the imminent execution and serve as a basis for further changes and as a plan for later execution. However, that first proposal can be completely discarded by the customer one time, so it will be two proposed concept images with description in total at the End. Could be achieved no match for the vision and the taste of the customer and the job is taken back by the customer, 25% of the sum of the fixed-price offer will be payable or the accrued hours will be charged.
8. More suggestions

If the cooperation continues to develop additional proposals, this additional phase of work is billed on an hourly basis and the amount added to the fixed-price offer.
9. Modification of a accepted proposal

A generally accepted proposal, however, can be modified in details up to three times. In addition, changes are also charged and added to the hourly rate.
10. Implementation

Once a proposal has been accepted by the customer, it is to implement either, when web browsing, as a visible result on a server (hosting providers) of your choice, or in graphic works such as posters or flyers to a final elaboration in the form of a PDF document.
11. Changes after implementation

Changes after the finalization of course also possible, but do not fall more generally under the cover of a fixed price agreement and have to be negotiated and are invoiced by the hourly rate.
12. My services:

Advice in the design and functionality of the desired object. Up to two fundamentally different proposals as Concept image (template) with description, planning and implementation as a template in PDF format. Vectorized version of the object as a graphical document, and, if given or ready for printing in Internet sites, as complete, functional web site on a server of your choice. Assist pressure. Here, I can forward the print job for you at a printing company chosen by you or manage the whole process for you. Warning: The cost of printing a graphic work are not included in my offer and have to be paid! For websites: I am happy to recommend you cheap, corresponding to the requirements of different hosting packages provider (provider). The installation of a Web page is made by me and is included in my fixed price offer. Note: The running costs for the hosting and domain (provision of an Internet-compatible server with the appropriate URL) have nothing to do with my performance and have to be paid.
13. Rights

With the balance of my account you acquire all rights to the graphic I created and functional work. You may reproduce this work indefinitely often unsophisticated. Copyright graphics created by me do not buy it though. This means that you do not alter my work under another name, may reproduce or sell. You also may not modify my work, reproduce or sell, leaving my name or my Synonymous. To all this it requires my consent. Possibly by me from third parties (eg bought-photo and image material that is used for your product, you may continue to use and reproduce freely in the context of the product. You may, however, such material does not refer to the product and otherwise use or sell. Because the licenses of such material are not transferable! In addition, the cost of bought-me pictures of your product costs are not included in my offer and must be incurred by you extra!
14. Legal security, data protection, responsibility, writ warnings,

The legal and content responsibility of a website, even if it was created by idoweb4you, always lies with the operator! As a web and graphic designer I take no responsibility for shown content, be it text, images or other content! Also for by the operating system of the hoster, by the hoster itself, by the used CMS as well as its applications, integrated services and Webtools, over which sensitive, personal data of any kind can be seen or taken by third, I do not take responsibility! Also for the imprint prescribed by law, the data protection declaration as well as Cookie Warner and their contents, their topicality and functionality I do not take responsibility! I am very anxious to pay attention to the latest laws and rules and to observe them, so I have to rely on the free available offers, such as content text generators for imprints and privacy statements. Here I fall back on providers known and trusted to me, which usually inform me of their changes and updates. If I have concluded a maintenance contract with you, i.e. my customers, for this purpose, I would update your website in this respect after consultation with you. Nevertheless, as the operator of a website, you yourself are obliged to check and maintain your website as far as legal security is concerned, or to have it checked and maintained. If it comes, despite all care on my and your part, to the warning by third parties, e.g. by warning lawyers, the entire responsibility and burden lies with the operator of the website! From case to case, it is therefore recommended to consult an expert, a data protection officer, who can examine websites for warning dangers and data security leaks.

15. Fulfillment of a contract

A job is counted as fulfilled and done, when all detailed in the offer and services in the proposal held and documented information for the graphic design and functionality are included.
  idoweb4you: As at January 2022